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    The general trend of investment in Egypt at present is real estate investment of different types, 
    whether apartments, shops or land reclamation! This is due to the volatility of the dollar in the Egyptian market,
    where the dollar reached the beginning of the year to 17.79 pounds on the black market is
    expected to remain in constant increase to 20 pounds at the end of the year.
    This is due to the difficulty of obtaining foreign currency due to lack of tourism and
    lack of foreign investments in various fields because of the safe situation of the country
    and the decline of Gulf support for the country after the drop in the price of oil
    The vast majority of investors take the real estate market as the primary destination for their investment.
    So if you have chosen real estate to invest your money
    you are probably well aware of the benefits of investing there
    so we will put some tips that you should consider before investing